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Reasons use protein powder

Protein is what builds up our whole body. Everything that our body has to build up requires proteins to do so, and we mean EVERYTHING. They’re needed for hair growth, nails, hormones, skin and of course for your muscles, but What are proteins actually?


Each type of protein has a specific role in our body and are crucial the proper functioning of our immune system, body composition and overall health. In other words, we CAN’T live without them.   


Who doesn’t love good food and eating? Having a high protein diet can allow you to eat more and worry less about your weight.  This is because the body needs more calories to digest protein than to digest fat and carbs. On top of that, it keeps you fuller for longer. So, if you want to maintain, loose weight or you just don’t want to get hangry, this is the solution for you.   


Want some gains? They say 20% is what you do at the gym, 80% what you do in the kitchen. Protein is key if you want to get ripped and build up your muscle mass.  


Vegan people may find it hard to get enough protein at times. There are different vegan protein sources but sometimes, not very accessible or convenient especially if you have a busy lifestyle. Our products are clean, healthy and easy to prepare. You can get them delivered to your front step and get this, you can order them to get delivered every 2 weeks, once a month or once every 2 months plus you’ll save money!   


Pregnant women have higher requirements of protein, especially during the last trimester, where the baby grows a lot. Sometimes, it’s harder to eat lager portions because the baby puts more and more pressure on the stomach as while growing. Our natural, healthy, organic protein powders are the perfect alternative!  


As we get older, our muscle mass automatically decreases. This process starts in our 30s, you are losing as much as 3% to 5% muscle mass per decade. Take this into consideration for yourself and your grandparent’s health, get them some tasty protein powders as well to help them staying strong and active for a longer time.  


Our little ones need the right amount of protein to grow and develop. Its very common for kids to dislike certain foods and be picky, but they won’t be able to resists our delicious flavors and snacks! 

How much protein should we eat and how much do we actually get on average

Experts recommend between 1,2 – 2 g of protein per kg of bodyweight. This would mean that for a person who weighs 80kg, the recommended intake would be between 96 g and 160 g of protein per day.   

-The reference intake set by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is 0.83 g of protein per kg of body weight per day, 66,4 g of protein per day for a person who weights 80Kg.  

Track your diet for a day; Are you getting enough protein?  

How much protein do vegan protein sources provide?   

  • Seitan 75g: the richest (soy-free) protein source for vegans is Seitan with 75g of protein per 100g  
  • Beans and Legumes 14-18 g: one serving size of almost all kinds of beans or legumes have about 14-18g of protein  
  • Nuts 6g: one serving size of mixed nuts (30g) has 6g of protein  

Taking into consideration that you´ll eat one of these high protein sources for each meal you’d still only get about 52g of protein per day. 1 scoop of a vegan protein powder provides you with about 20-25g of protein, which makes it a lot easier to reach your daily goals.   

Which protein powder to choose:  

Many protein powders have ingredient lists that could fill books. You should always aim to choose a clean product with few and organic ingredients. The taste givers should be natural products like cacao, coffee or coconut for instance.  

“Pea protein is an excellent protein source because it is a complete protein, which means it consists of all 9 essential amino acids.” 

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