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Spring Allergies

Spring Allergies Combat

SPRING ALLERGIES Springtime. Everything is blossoming, nature awakes and so do allergies for many people. During the past few decades, the prevalence of childhood asthma has rapidly increased and now affects up to 5%–10% of the world’s population. In this article we show you the most effective remedies against allergies, as usual packed by science. … Read more

22 Days Okami Challenge

Healthy Challenge Okami

22 days okami challenge Take it easy We will not only show you WHAT to do but also HOW to really achieve a healthier lifestyle! We will not only show you WHAT to do but also HOW to really achieve a healthier lifestyle.  This challenge will give you all the knowledge you need to live a healthier lifestyle.   … Read more

Building blocks of life

Building blocks life

THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF life The Building blocks of life… What are proteins?. We all have some sort of idea about proteins being important. Debates about veganism or vegetarianism often involve the question of getting enough protein. Protein powder is a well-known supplement for people trying to build out muscle. But most people do not … Read more

CBD Properties

benefits of cbd

cbd properties Cannabinoids have been used for decades on one hand for its psychoactive properties and on the other hand as a natural and potential healing remedy to combat various diseases or health conditions. Recently you can find cannabinoids everywhere. As liquid drops, tablets or added to food. So are we going to get high … Read more


Veganism Nutrition

VEGANISM: MORE THAN JUST A WAY OF NUTRITION Everywhere you go products are labeled vegan and people tend to buy vegan products more than ever before. No matter if cosmetics, precooked meals or single ingredient foods. ‘Vegan’ is a label that is connected to health. But is a vegan diet really healthy? Which health benefits … Read more

Which changes can you expect from going vegan

Changes health Vegetarian

WHICH CHANGES CAN YOU EXPECT FROM GOING VEGAN You don’t really fancy the taste of meat or even better you’ve already abandoned meat some time ago and now you are thinking about taking the next step towards a healthy nutrition. Going vegan.  While you’re twisting around the thought you are asking yourself: What will change in … Read more

Protein benefits

Reasons use protein powder

PROTEIN BENEFITS Protein is what builds up our whole body. Everything that our body has to build up requires proteins to do so, and we mean EVERYTHING. They’re needed for hair growth, nails, hormones, skin and of course for your muscles, but What are proteins actually? PROTEINS (AMINO ACIDS) ARE THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF LIFE: … Read more

More education less Medication

Education Nutrition

MORE EDUCATION LESS MEDICATION When we feel pain or we are ill we just want one thing: to feel well again, no matter what.   This often includes the thought or most likely also the act of taking medication. Because we want to be better NOW. Once we are well we forget about how bad we … Read more

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