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Many people really enjoy sweet things and we are not talking about “99% pure dark chocolate”. Discover ready to bake, healthy and sweet bakery.

What really gets our sweet buds going are spongy and sweet chocolate cakes or fluffy cupcakes aka bakery goods. The problem of these treats is that many times they are not really healthy. Bakery goods tend to be loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats which is a very bad combination for our health and our waste line. Discover ready to bake, healthy and sweet.

First of all, there is a lot of sugar in bakery goods which can not only lead to health problems, but it has also been shown that a high sugar intake can cause an addictive reaction in the brain, which means the more we eat, the more we want, the worse everything gets.

A perfect example is the consumption of dark chocolate (>85%) versus milk chocolate. It’s an easy thing to have a whole tablet of milk chocolate in one go. When eating dark chocolate, you are not only more satiated at an earlier point which is due to the lower amount of sugar and the higher amount of fiber, it also causes less cravings or temptations to have more and more and more …

When designing “Ready to bake”, Elise, our lovely product developer and “sweet-stuff-lover” did not get tired of trying recipes without sugar until she found the perfect formula. The products only contain sugar that comes from healthy ingredients like cranberries or carob. This makes the Ready to bake range a perfect alternative for sugar loaded muffins or cakes. Discover ready to bake, healthy and sweet.

Protein Pancakes

Beside sugar there are many times a lot of unhealthy fats used in bakery goods. The reason is that they are cheap and easy to process. Heating up certain types of fats causes chemical changes in the molecules which can really have bad effects on our health.

Another type of fat that is frequently used in bakery goods is trans-fat. Consuming trans-fats has been linked to serious diseases, like heart disease which is still the number 1 leading cause of death across the world.

To finish with the unhealthy fats frequently used for sweet stuff we want to mention palm fat. The reason why palm fat is so controversial is not only the negative effects it can have on our health but on our planet. The production of palm fat causes deforestation of the rain forest and thus the loss of animal habitat for endangered species.

The fat we used in “Ready to bake” is coconut oil, which is a true superfood because of its several health benefits. What make fat unhealthy is not only the type of fatty acid but also the amount we ingest. Industrial bakery goods or even patisserie high quality cakes contain high amounts of fat, which does not only affect our waistline but also our health. “Ready to bake” contains very low amounts of healthy fats.

Last but not least we want to talk about protein and sweet stuff. There is not a lot to talk because sweet stuff usually does not contain protein, which is another meaningful advantage of “Ready to bake”. The products are made with vegan pea protein powder that adds a high protein amount to the product and thus provides an amazing and unique product for sweet loving vegan health addicts or fitness freaks.

If all of the above mentioned still does not convince you to get your favorite Ready to Bake product right now, we still have arguments. Compare the ingredient list of an industrially produced muffin, a cheesecake from the supermarket or even a protein bar with the ingredient list of Ready to bake. In our product you will only find ingredients that have grown on a plant. The only chemical helper we used to make it a real taste explosion is baking soda, which will not harm your health at any point but helps the sponginess of the products.

OkamiBio provides a wide range of healthy and most importantly tasty high protein products for an active and vital life-style. With the introduction of Ready to Bake to the market we are proving once more our expertise in this field. Enjoy😋

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