Nutrition 101

  • Weight loss myths

    A new year has just begun and we are all set with a list of new year resolutions in our hands. Motivation is high. On top of many lists there is ‘weight loss’, sometimes for the last few years already.   Half of the population wants to lose weight. Some of them just a little, others quite a lot.... View Post
  • Christmas superfood recipes

    During the Christmas season there are countless family reunions, celebrations and other social events that have one thing in common. An opulent feast. It cooks traditional food that awakens in all of us memories of earlier times and tastes great. Many of these dishes have one thing in common: an ... View Post
  • Hangover - Easy ways to relieve it

    Holidays are coming. This means that our calendars are likely to fill up with parties and social events and it is a season where we often throw our health priorities overboard. Not only food related but also the amount of alcohol we drink, which is often too much. Our good intentions can be forgo... View Post