Nutrition 101

  • Hangover - Easy ways to relieve it

    Holidays are coming. This means that our calendars are likely to fill up with parties and social events and it is a season where we often throw our health priorities overboard. Not only food related but also the amount of alcohol we drink, which is often too much. Our good intentions can be forgo... View Post
  • Sugar - The White Enemy

    This article is about the white enemy. Sugar. Highly edible, highly addictive and highly controversial when it comes to health and weight issues. Sugar is bad for us and we all eat too much of it. It is everywhere. Any processed food, sweet or savoury, sauces, juices, smoothies… all contain sugar... View Post

    Why organic?   The planet we live on is the most precious thing we have, our home. Unfortunately, we do not treat it like we should. We live in a world of abundance, in which it seems easy to get everything we want on the spot.   Saying this we do not only refer to Amazon Prime, but to the fact t... View Post