Nutrition 101

  • Autumn fatigue - the science behind it and what we can do

    Autumn is for many people the most beautiful season of the year. Trees and forests colored from yellow to dark red, a deep blue sky, the freshest air and clearest sight.  Unfortunately not all of us can enjoy this time of the year that much because autumn fatigue or autumn asthesia hits them.... View Post
  • How to Plan Easy Summer Snacks

    During summer we all eat differently from the rest of the year. High temperatures, holidays, and a lot of outdoor activities require an adapted eating routine. We are also usually less motivated to cook during the summer, both because of interrupted schedules and higher temperatures that make tur... View Post
  • Beating the Heat: Quick & Easy Tips for Having an Energetic Summer

    We all know that what we eat can make a big difference in our energy each day. And that is extra true in the summer, when the unbearable heat can seem to sap all our energy.   Recommendations for a basic healthy diet do not change in the summer: balanced meals, lots of veggies, and healthy fats ... View Post