Nutrition 101

  • Spring allergies and how to combat them

    Springtime. Everything is in bloom, nature awakes and so do allergies for many people. During the past few decades, the prevalence of childhood asthma has rapidly increased and now affects up to 5%–10% of the world’s population. In this article we show you the most effective remedies against alle... View Post
  • Pea Protein: You rock my world

    Protein supplements are more fashionable than ever and if yours is a vegan one you are amongst the top ones. Pea protein has become one of the top players lately. But what is the hype about? Is it as effective as whey protein for example? What is the difference and why should you consider taking ... View Post
  • Autumn fatigue - the science behind it and what we can do

    Autumn is for many people the most beautiful season of the year. Trees and forests colored from yellow to dark red, a deep blue sky, the freshest air and clearest sight.  Unfortunately not all of us can enjoy this time of the year that much because autumn fatigue or autumn asthesia hits them.... View Post