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Pea protein You Rock my World

Pea PROTEIN You Rock my World Pea protein has become one of the top players lately. But what is the hype about? Is it as effective as whey protein for example? What is the difference and why should you consider taking pea protein? Protein supplements are more fashionable than ever and if yours is a … Read more

Summer Energy

Energy Summer tips

SUMMER ENERGY TIPS We all know that what we eat can make a big difference in our energy levels. And that is extra true in the summer, dealing with the unbearable heat. Recommendations for a basic healthy diet do not change in the summer: balanced meals, lots of veggies, and healthy fats are all still … Read more

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet

KETOGENIC DIET What comes to our minds when we hear ‘‘Ketogenic diet’’? Bodies made of steal, a lot of meat and bulletproof coffee. But what’s really behind this lifestyle or this diet? Is it all about weight loss or is there something else? Despite the recent hype, a ketogenic diet is not something new. It … Read more

Control your weight during Covid19

CONTROL YOUR WEIGHT DURING COVID 19 Under normal circumstances one of the main goals for many people is to lose weight or at least to keep a healthy weight and we do a lot to reach that goal Going to the gym, buying fresh fruit, vegetables and fish, distracting ourselves from food with a walk … Read more

Fermented Food

FERMENTED FOOD Fermentation is a process, where microbes like bacteria, yeast or molds break down sugars and starches into alcohols and acids. It’s basically a way to preserve foods and as a side plus it’s adding a lot of health benefits and a special taste to those foods. Fermentation is used since the neolithic to … Read more


Training perfomance nutrition

Nutrient TIMING for Better Workout Results The post workout anabolic WINDOW A workout routine can be tough. Not only because someone is doing a big effort, sweating in the gym or running in a park, but also because of the desired results, which quite often take a lot of time and energy. The main objective … Read more

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting

WHAT is INTermittent FASTING? Intermittent fasting (IF) is not a diet. When you practise IF you interchange periods where you eat with those where you don’t eat, thus you fast. Although it has many other benefits it is mainly used to lose weight. Losing weight with IF may, for some people, be easier as there … Read more

How to stick to a healthy diet now?

Healthy Diet

HOW TO STICK A HEALTHY DIET NOW ? 7 common problem and their solution for you to eat healthy during this tough period. Being locked at home can screw up our healthy eating habits. We can’t go to the supermarket that often to buy fresh fruit and vegetables or fresh meat or fish.  So what … Read more

Raw food Diet

Raw Food diet piramid

RAW food diet The raw food diet is based on eating raw foods only. The principle of the raw food diet vegan is easy to understand. It is based on eating raw fruits & vegetables, nuts, seeds, grasses, seaweeds, flowers, nuts, sprouts, herbs, superfoods and some fermented foods.  Everything should preferably be eaten raw or … Read more

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