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Pea protein You Rock my World


You Rock my World

Pea protein has become one of the top players lately. But what is the hype about? Is it as effective as whey protein for example? What is the difference and why should you consider taking pea protein?

Protein supplements are more fashionable than ever and if yours is a vegan one you are amongst the top ones.

In this article we will not only explain you everything you have to know about pea protein but also the reasons why you should really take it.

Before going straight into all the benefits of pea protein let’s just have a brief look what we are talking about here.

Pea protein powder is produced by grinding the peas into a powder and then removing the starch and fiber to leave a highly concentrated pea protein isolate.

It is used as a protein powder because of its high protein content and beside that it offers other health benefits.  It is a natural vegetable protein and especially for vegetarians and vegans a very good protein source.

But not only people who avoid animal products consume pea protein. It has become an important player amongst the protein in the health and fitness world. Let’s see why!

Pea protein is a complete protein that provides all essential amino acids.

As initially mentioned, pea protein is a vegan protein made of yellow peas. The big advantage of pea protein is, that it is a complete protein. This means it contains all 9 essential amino acids.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. There are 22 in total and 9 out of them essential, which means, our body can’t produce them on its own and we have to take them with food.

Proteins from animal sources are always complete proteins, but plant proteins tend to lack one or more of the essential amino acids which makes them incomplete. Therefore, vegetarians and vegans often have problems to meet their protein needs.

Although it is a complete protein it doesn’t come with a lot of methionine. Fact that can be regulated easily by eating high methionine foods, which are nuts, beef, cheese, turkey, fish, shellfish, eggs, dairy, and beans.

Protein is necessary for building new body tissues and it also can serve as an energy fuel. If you want to learn more about protein, please check THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF PROTEINS

  • Pea protein is rich in Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)
    Pea protein
    is also very high in the so called branched-chain amino acids. Those are three of the essential amino acids that benefit muscle growth, amongst other benefits. They are also very common sold as a supplement. As pea protein contains the three BCAAs it is unnecessary to take another supplement.

    BCAA have also shown to prevent fatigue in athletes. Furthermore it has also been shown that they can improve the symptoms of exercise induced muscle damage , which is very frequent in athletes and leads to longer recuperation times and in the end less effectivity of their training.

  • Pea protein is free of allergens and has a high digestibility
    One of its biggest advantages is, that pea protein is free of allergens. The most common proteins contain lactose (whey) or soy which are allergens that can cause digestive or other disorders apart from allergies. Pea protein is also gluten free and vegan.

    Furthermore, pea protein is highly digestible. Consumed after a workout it is absorbed rapidly and can help to build up muscle mass.

    Pea protein also doesn’t produce digestive problems like fresh legumes could. For example, gases. As pea protein doesn’t contain as much fiber as fresh peas do, you don’t have to worry about bloating, gases or uncomfortable feeling of fullness.

  • Pea protein has proven its health benefits in scientific studies
    Science is showing interest in this promising nutrient. Up to now there have been studies conducted that have show. That pea protein can aid muscle growth, weight loss and support heart health.

  • Pea protein helps to save the planet
    The world population is growing, and statistics show that in some near future there will not be enough protein to feed the world.

    Laboratories and scientists are searching full speed for an alternative to the expensive animal protein that additionally seems to be an important contributor to the ozone problem.

    Pea protein is a non animal protein source. It can be produced more efficiently than animal protein and thus is an excellent alternative.

  • Which pea protein should you choose

    Now comes the most important part. How can you choose a good pea protein amongst all the different ones available on the market?

    First: read the label!

    Almost all proteins come with a lot of ingredients apart from the protein source. These can be thickeners, sweeteners or other so called „natural aromas “. When reading the label of a protein powder with a special taste I can assure you there are ingredients on the list you don’t have a clue what it could be.

    Do you really want to add all those chemical ingredients to your body?

    Choose a protein powder that is:

    -Pure (without any ingredient on the list your grandmother wouldn’t know)

    -Organic and GMO free

    -Offering other benefits like other natural nutrients

    Check out our pea protein powders. We have added pomegranate and cacao powder. Both come with an additional load of benefits. 

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