Our Team

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds, but we are united by our passion for helping our customers live vibrantly.

Meet our team

Name: Luciano Delgado

From: Born in Lima, raised around the world, and enjoying beautiful Madrid.

Favorite Okami Product: Extreme Energy

I choose to be vibrant by: Living life on the edge!!!

Name: Sven Siat

From: Grew up in Germany and is now living in Zurich, Switzerland.

Favorite Okami Product: Wake Up in my Smoothie every morning with a banana, Kiwi and some nuts. 

I choose to be vibrant by: Getting up early to get some exercise in (Wake Up smoothie is a must before training. After that I’m ready to tackle my Task list of the day.

Name: Cambria Hayashino

From: SoCal native, loving the chance to live in Madrid.

Favorite Okami Product: Top Health! I love my green smoothies, and Top Health makes them even greener

I choose to be vibrant by: Being intentional about learning new things, and making sure I have some time to completely unplug every week.

Name: Stuart Minnaar

From: Born in Johannesburg and came alive in lovely Cape Town, currently loving life in Madrid.

Favorite Okami Product: My jury isnt out on this one, yet!

I choose to be vibrant by: Only choosing to do the things that make me happy. This means, I always make sure I get some dog time (even if it is imaginary).

Name: Karin Strimitzer

From: Born in Austria, living in Madrid

Favorite Okami Product: I am undecided

I choose to be vibrant by: Love what I do, do what I love. Being open-minded, never stop learning.

Name: Camila Aranzazu

From: Born in Colombia, living in Madrid.

Favorite Okami Product: I am still working my way through the options

I choose to be vibrant by: Traveling, traveling and more traveling!