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7 common problem and their solution for you to eat healthy during this tough period.

Being locked at home can screw up our healthy eating habits. We can’t go to the supermarket that often to buy fresh fruit and vegetables or fresh meat or fish. 

So what many of us do is they get lazy and choose less healthy foods that are just more comfortable to have and to prepare. 

Sticking to a healthy diet is really important and even more right now. It will help you to stay mentally well, it will help you with your mood and most importantly with your shape. Looking at it from this point of view healthy food makes going through confinement easier.

Today we want to solve 7 of the most common problems people are facing regarding healthy eating habits during confinement. You will see it is not as difficult as you thought it would be. 

I cant buy fresh fruit and veggies.

Choose frozen vegetables instead. Frozen and fresh vegetables have almost the same amount of nutrients. Sometimes frozen vegetables can have even more vitamins or minerals because they are frozen right after harvesting. Fresh vegetables can be in the supermarkets or other warehouses for quite a long time before you buy them. So don’t be afraid to buy and use frozen vegetables.

Frozen fruit is also a perfect option when fresh one is scarce. You can also freeze many types of fruit after buying it fresh. Great examples are: bananas, mangos or berries, especially blueberries.

Canned vegetables: Canned veggies are not a bad choice. What happens is, that sodium or other stabilizers are added to make them last longer. Remember, any vegetable right now is better than none.

I’m worried about my vitamin and mineral needs.

Choose superfood powders. There are many mixes out there. Check out ours (LINK). Superfood powders can be added to a smoothie or any other type of food or drink and they will provide your body with additional vitamins and minerals that are needed right now.

I’m drinking more alcohol than I used to.

Choose water. What??? No way, you must be joking. It’s a fact that sales for alcoholic drinks went up drastically. On one hand it’s understandable. We miss being social, going out, getting our mind stimulated.

Many people are having a booze to relax and to make it all more bearable. We don’t want to be the spoilsports here. Just keep in mind, alcohol doesn’t make anything better or brighter just the opposite.

Have your quarantini if you feel like, just be careful not to overlook your alcohol consumption, otherwise you’ll have an additional problem after this period.

Many people don’t get very excited about the thought of drinking water on its own. You can add a ton of species or other things like ginger slices, cucumber slices, mint leaves, squeezed lemon, orange or lime. Try sparkling water with a bit of pomegranate powder, this will not only add flavor but also nutrients to you “Healthy drink”.

No matter how you manage to eat healthy or to control your meals, it is important to try so. You will find yourself much more comfortable than the other way around. A healthy diet benefits your body and your mind. And a healthy mind within a strong body is what we really need now. 

I’m getting bored in the kitchen.

Some people are not used to cooking at all and all of a sudden they have to prepare 3 meals a day every day. This can be a real challenge. Perhaps it is fun at the beginning but after two weeks everyone is getting bored.

Be creative and cook something you never cooked before. We know, you can’t get fancy ingredients to cook something exciting. There are many websites or apps which can help.

One we particularly like is Supercook. You can dictate what you have in your fridge or in your pantry and the app will find recipes for you.

Everything I buy spoils and I’m getting upset

Many of us are not used to meal prep or plan our groceries. We went to the groceries whenever we needed something, apart from the weekly shopping. There are many healthy foods you can stock in your pantry that will last forever, maybe not forever but for a long time. Those are for example:

■ Dried legumes: They are all super healthy, tasty, easy to prepare and you can make a big bowl for several days, like this you don’t have to cook every day. Lentils, chickpeas or beans come with a whole load of nutrients, fiber and plant based protein. Eating legumes is a fabulous way of bringing a bit of variety to the confinement kitchen. Who wants to eat pasta and rice all day long.

■ Pseudocereals: Quinoa, buckwheat or amaranth are also a perfect replacement for those who are sick of rice and pasta, especially if you’ve eaten white pasta or rice, your body will benefit from the additional nutrients that come with these little powerhouses. They are all perfect either as a side dish or as a base for salads.

I’m snacking unhealthy things all day long

We hear you. When we are bored many of us tend to eat. So called emotional eating. Unfortunately it’s easier said than done not to snack.

Be honest with yourself: Do you think you manage not to snack at all? Well, this would be the ideal thing. For the vast majority of us, this isn’t possible so the solution is to choose healthy snacks. To be able to do so, you need to have them by hand and most importantly they have to be tasty.

Browse the www to get ideas. Just a few examples to get your inspiration going: roasted chickpeas, homemade granola bars or energy balls. There are so many recipes out there, just search a bit and you’ll find something you like for sure.

Here are some suggestions to get you started

■ Here you can find 20+ tasty vegan snack ideas like roasted black beans or vegan snack bars

■ This blog is for the ones with a sweet tooth amongst you, providing vegan recipes for all kind of cookies, balls and bars.

■ And of course Pinterest which has one of the greatest collections of recipes for any type.

■ We are also posting vegan recipes on a regular basis, so follow us on instagram (LINK) and be curious about our fancy creations.

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