• Our Green Defense immune boosting smoothie recipe is just what the doctor ordered when you feel a cold coming on! This smoothie calls in all the defenses to help your body stay healthy. It’s packed with green fruits and veggies, fresh orange juice and ginger for extra help and topped off with a... View Post
  • Mango Morning Smoothie

    This tropical superfood breakfast smoothie recipe has only 3 ingredients and can be blended up in less than a minute. This recipe is simple to make, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple on nutritional value! You’ll get more than your daily requirement of calcium, it’s also a great source of iron, ph... View Post
  • Extreme Muffins

    Gear up for a big day! Getting the right fuel in the morning is one of the best ways you can make sure you have enough energy to conquer whatever the day holds. We created this superfood muffin recipe to be the perfect energy boost - two muffins will give you all the energy you need. It’s easy ... View Post

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